No-Contact Moving & Storage

As an Essential Business, we are open for business and here to help you with your local moving and storage needs – with little to no interaction! Because we don’t send teams into your home for estimates or service, no-contact service comes naturally.

Touchless Moving and Storage

We can give you an exact quote on a portable storage container, including delivery and off-site storage at our facility (or free storage at your home), right over the phone – or you can book online. We only need to come out to deliver your portable storage container; at that time, health and safety precautions are paramont.

Box up your items and pack your storage container at your leisure and without anyone entering your home. Just give us a call when you are ready to have your container removed, moved to your new home, or brought to our facility for longer-term storage in our warehouse or lot.

If close proximity or in-person interaction become necessary, rest assured our team is fully equipped with all the essentials to keep everyone safe, including masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

No Contact – for Your Safety

During the coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to ensure your home and family are properly protected. That’s why we are taking every safety measure possible to meet your needs and keep everyone healthy.

Entirely Online or Over the Phone

Call to discuss your needs or complete our online form. Your portable storage container rental can be completed completely online or by phone. 

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