Orlando Portable Storage Containers

8' foot container

8 foot container

Our smallest storage option, the 8’ container is ideal for smaller projects including:

making a partial move

relocating a child into a dorm room

temporarily storing one room during a home renovation

Typically holds one to two rooms of furniture and boxes.

355 Cubic Feet of interior space

Comparable to a 5x10 storage unit

Large door at the end for easy entry and loading

12' foot container

12 foot container

Roughly the size of a backyard garden shed, the 12’ storage container is ideal for studio apartment moves or for long-term storage at your home.

Typically accommodates two to three rooms of furniture and boxes.

633 Cubic Feet of interior space

Comparable to a 10x10 storage unit

Two large doors for more convenient entry and loading

16' foot container

16 foot container

Our most popular and most-rented storage option, the 16’ container is perfect for moving everything in a large apartment or a smaller house.

Comfortably accommodates three to four rooms of furniture and boxes.

887 Cubic Feet of interior space

Comparable to a 10x15 storage unit

Two sets of double doors for spacious entry and easy loading

20' foot container

20 foot container

For the moving or storage needs of larger homes, we often recommend the 20’ container. It’s not only the largest container we offer but also larger than most of our competitors’!

Comfortably accommodates four to six rooms of furniture and boxes.

1057 Cubic Feet of interior space

Comparable to a 10x20 storage unit

Double doors on each end make entry and loading easy

GoStoring Containers Offer Maximum Protection

Weatherproof Construction

Weatherproof Construction

Our all-steel storage containers with dual, sealed doors create a clean, safe, and dry environment for all of your most-valued belongings

Temporary Storage Options

Temporary Storage Options

We offer same-day scheduling, along with weekly rentals and flexible dates, so that you’ll get the storage you need, when you need it.

Custom-Sized Storage Containers

Easy Pick-Up & Delivery

No-tilt loading/unloading protects your items during drop-off and pickup, and our experts can get your storage bins perfectly placed for hassle-free access.

No-Hassle Drop-Off and Delivery

Onsite and Offsite Storage

Whether you want to keep your containers at your home or stored at our secured, accessible facility, we go the extra mile to meet your storage needs.